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Q: How do I signup for ThinkTank Engage?
A: Anyone can create an account within ThinkTank Engage. Simply navigate to engage.thinktank.net, then click the “Sign Up” button. Note, if you are not a paying customer, you will not be able to create Apps or Sessions, and will only be able to join sessions to which you have been invited.

Q: Do I need a contract?
A: In order to create and run Apps and Sessions, you will need to have a signed contract and valid Leader License. For more information, please contact sales@thinktank.net.

Q: What does it cost to use ThinkTank?

A: For information on pricing, please contact sales@thinktank.net to speak with a sales representative.

Q: What browsers and devices are supported?
A: ThinkTank Engage supports the following browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge) and devices (Microsoft PCs, Mac computers, iPads, iPhones, Android devices).

Q: Do I need to install software on my device(s) in order to use ThinkTank?
A: No! ThinkTank Engage is a web-based platform. To access, simply use a supported browser and device combination, and ensure you have a stable internet connection.

Q: Is additional training offered outside of the materials available on the Success Center?
A: Our Client Solutions team offers both in-person and virtual training services, charged at an hourly rate. For more information, please contact sales@thinktank.net.

Q: Am I able to generate a ThinkTank usage report for account holders within my organization?
A: Not at this point in time. However, our Customer Success team would be happy to assist! For usage and reporting questions, please send inquiries to: success@thinktank.net.

Q: I have a feature or enhancement request. What is the best way to provide feedback?
A: Have an idea on how ThinkTank Engage can be improved? Feel free to pass your feedback along to our Customer Support Team via support@thinktank.net.

Q: How can I stay informed on the latest news and product releases?
A: Our Release Notes page contains information about all of our ThinkTank Engage product releases. Feel free to drop by at your convenience in order to read the latest product specific news.

Q: How can I access help and support for ThinkTank Engage?

A: Have a question or need some help? Submit a support ticket to our on-call Customer Support team, who will work with you directly in order to solve your challenge.

Q: Can my previous sessions from a legacy version of ThinkTank be migrated over to Engage?

A: Unfortunately not. Due to the numerous enhancements we’ve made, previous ThinkTank sessions can not be migrated over to ThinkTank Engage, However, this presents you with a great change to rethink your session design in order to explore additional usage opportunities!