Are you migrating from ThinkTank 6 to Engage?

Review our Migration FAQs to familiarize yourself with the process!

Q: Do I have to migrate to ThinkTank Engage?

A: We will begin sunsetting ThinkTank 6 in early 2019. You will retain access to ThinkTank 6 for a period of time while you acclimate to ThinkTank Engage and migrate your existing ThinkApps over to Engage. If you have concerns about migration readiness please contact Customer Support.

Q: What is the timing for migration to ThinkTank Engage?

A: We will begin migrating existing ThinkTank 6 customers to Engage beginning in March of 2019. Specifics about your migration, timing, and all necessary reference materials will be communicated to you at least 6 months in advance.

Q: What are the benefits in migrating to ThinkTank Engage?

  • Engage is an intuitive, powerful, cloud-based platform that delivers tangible results and outcomes.

  • Participants can collaborate globally and in real-time in order to crowdsource ideas, vote across multiple criteria, and analyze response trends across demographics to identify key insights and takeaways.

  • New capabilities for Leaders to automate the sharing of content across activities using predefined rules, logic, and filtering.

  • New survey-like capability for gathering structured data in a collaborative manner and delivering consensus-based results.

For more information, see our TT Engage Product Factsheet.

Q: Will this migration impact my current contract and cost with ThinkTank Engage?

A: For questions or concerns regarding your existing contract, and how it may be impacted by your migration to Engage, please contact your Account Manager. Note: if you do not know your account manager, please contact our Sales Team.

Q: What will happen to my apps, workspaces and content in TT6 when I migrate?

A: With your transition to Engage, you will need to re-create any existing ThinkApps. Additionally, you will need to export any ThinkTank 6 session data you’d like to keep. To ease this transition, we will keep TT6 available to you for a period of time so you have the ability to reference your apps and pull your content. We will provide you detailed instructions on this process as we get closer to migration.

Q: What are the differences between TT6 and ThinkTank Engage and where can I learn more?

A: For a detailed feature-by-feature comparison, please see our ThinkTank 6 vs Engage Feature Comparison document.

Q: WIll training be offered for ThinkTank Engage?

A: Our newly revamped Customer Success Center has a suite of materials designed to get you up to speed and using ThinkTank Engage as quickly as possible. We suggest starting with our Quick Launch Kit, then moving over to our Training page once ready. If you’d like a more personalized experience, our Customer Success team is available to provide you and your team virtual or in-person training at an hourly rate. For information on pricing, please contact our Sales Team.