Ready to begin using ThinkTank Engage?

We've got you covered. Below, you'll find everything you need to get a quick start, and to begin using ThinkTank Engage on your projects.

Product Fact Sheet

ThinkTank Engage offers a lot of new and enhanced functionality over previous iterations of ThinkTank. Our ThinkTank Engage Product Fact Sheet provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • Benefits our customers have experienced when deploying ThinkTank on their projects
  • Solutions & Use Cases addressed by ThinkTank
  • New and Improved Features & Functionality
  • ThinkTank Engage Activity Types, designed to meet our end users' requirements

ThinkTank Engage Training


Getting started? Looking to become a ThinkTank Expert? Somewhere in between? Whatever your aim, ThinkTank's robust training curriculum will get you up to speed quickly. Our self-paced, recorded training is designed to be consumed at your leisure. Visit our Learn page to get started!

Quick Sheets

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 4.02.36 PM.png

Need a jump start on using ThinkTank Engage? Want to share ThinkTank's capabilities with your colleagues? Look no further then our detailed Quick Sheets! Click the links below to download the latest:


User manual

The ThinkTank Engage User Manual contains everything you need to design and deliver your first session. Our detailed step-by-step guide outlines:

  • Dashboard & App Studio
  • ThinkTank Engage Activity Suite (Demographics, Source, Collect, Vote, Present)
  • Activity & Session Settings
  • Branching Logic
  • Event Flow
  • Reporting

Support & Consultation


Although built to be as intuitive and simple as possible, you're going to have questions about using ThinkTank Engage. Fortunately, we're here to support you:

  • Have a question about using ThinkTank Engage? Check out our FAQs to see if your question has already been asked (and answered).
  • Experiencing technical issues while building or deploying a ThinkTank session? Our Technical Support team is standing by to help resolve your challenge.
  • Still need help designing and deploying your session? Our Client Solutions team is here to help!