What is ThinkTank Engage?

Our flagship product, ThinkTank Engage is redefining the way consultancies and enterprise businesses engage their organization to make informed decisions. Built on decades of industry experience and academic research, ThinkTank has established itself as the industry leader in employee engagement, collaborative ideation and team-first solution development, and executive decision making support.

Built from the group up, ThinkTank Engage is an intuitive, powerful, cloud-based platform that prioritizes the user experience and delivering results driven outcomes. Here are some of the new features and functions you can experience using ThinkTank Engage.


App Studio

Using the App Studio, codify your organization's proprietary methodology or processes into a prebuilt, re-usable "ThinkApps". ThinkApps built using the App Studio can be shared with others throughout your organization, reducing the amount of time spent on ThinkTank session development.


Using the App Studio to develop ThinkApps reduces the barriers to ThinkTank facilitation, empowering your workforce by providing them with an expert level facilitation tool.

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Event Flow

Automate the sharing of content across activities using predefined rules, logic, and filtering. Using Event Flow, the session Facilitator is able to focus more closely on the audience, and less on performing manual data migration and activity administration. The resulting effect is a more fluid and efficient session, increasing audience engagement and participation.


Using Event Flow, all responses, or a subset of responses, may be carried forward using:

  • Flagged by Facilitator
  • Not flagged by Facilitator
  • Top X most "up-voted" responses
  • Bottom X least "up-voted" responses
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ThinkTank Engage allows the Session Leader to enable demographic attributes, bucketing Session Participants into defined categories. Using demographics, Session Leaders can define the demographic category type, and pre-populate with a list of options. For example:

  • Country: United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy
  • State / Province: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
  • Company: AB Corp, DE Industries, GH Inc., MN Limited
  • Department: Accounting, Finance, Procurement, Operations, 

Using demographics allows the Session Leader to analyze response trends across demographics to highlight demographic-specific themes and trends.



The Source activity is the cornerstone of ThinkTank Engage. Using this activity type, participants can rapidly contribute ideas, "up-vote" peer responses to voice agreement, comment on responses to provide further context or to ask for clarification , and group responses into categories to define themes and trends.


Participant responses are displayed as "tiles", providing users with a familiar and intuitive user experience. Tiles scale dynamically as comments are added, maintaining a clean and professional look and feel.

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The Collect Activity is ThinkTank's answer to the survey. However, Collect offers several key differences and advantages over the traditional survey:

  • Use "Demographics" to complete the survey for one or more defined entities (Ex: completing the activity for a specific state, business unit, subsidiary, etc.)
  • Allow Participants to upload supporting documentation for a given question

Coming Soon!

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Intelligent Analytics

ThinkTank's "Intelligent Analytics" engine will perform real-time analysis of Participant responses, automating the identification of key insights and takeaways in order to drive tangible results and outcomes. Intelligent Analytics enhances session delivery by:

  • Identifying key trends & themes
  • Assessing Participant satisfaction & sentiment
  • Prompting Participant responses based on previous submissions & demographic data
  • Advising the Leader on next steps & session cadence
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Audio & Video Integration

You asked, we listened. By integrating audio, we're further streamlining the ThinkTank Participant experience to create a comprehensive, all-in-one, employee engagement platform. Rather than juggling multiple telecommunication software applications, simply launch ThinkTank to deliver your ThinkTank Session!